1 Fish, 2 Fish (mini)

1 Fish, 2 Fish I

1 Fish, 2 Fish II (mini)

1 Fish, 2 Fish II

3 Flowers

A Matter of Time

A Toast for Two

A Toast for Two II

A Toast for Two III

Blue Shutters


Bowlful of Cheery

Cafe' Ole

Cantelope on Blue Plate  II

Cantelope on Blue Plate I

Cat and Pansies

Checkerboard Flair

Circle of Life (mini)


Cruciform in Color

Fish 'n Chips I

Fish 'n Flowers

Fish 'n Time

Fish and Flowers II

Fish and Flowers

Fish and Wine

Fish, Fruit and Flowers

Four Tulips

Fractured Pears

Fruit Medley

Fruits and Flowers at Night

Fruits and Glass

Green Chair

Happy Pears and Roses II

Happy Pears and Roses

Happy Still Life

Holy Cow

House on the Hill (mini)

House on the Hill I

Irreconcilable Differences

Keylime Pie

Little Miss Innocent

Little Pink Houses

Mexican Sunflowers

Mischief Maker

Orange on Blue Plate

Pear with Thong II

Pear with Thong

Pears and Flowers

Pears and Glass II

Pears and Roses

Pears in Rhythm

Southwest Still Life I

Southwest Still Life II

Still Life with Donuts II

Still Life with Donuts III

Still Life with Donuts I

Striped Bowl

Striped Vase

Table and Chair I

Table and Chair II

Tablescape II

Tablescape with Green Chair


Teapot and Roses

The Pink Teapot

Thelma and Louise

db_Time for Tea6

Soups On

Topless Pear I

Topless Pear II

Topsy Turvy Tulips

Turquoise Vase

Two Pears II

Two Pears

Under the Moonlight

Under the Rainbow I

Under the Rainbow II

Wild Flowers II

Wild Flowers

Window Dressing I

Window Dressing

Wine Bottles

Yellow Chair

Eat Crow

House on the Hill at Night

Mondrian Cat with Fishbone

Topless Pear with Polka Dot Thong


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