Tempera Resist

Smarty Jones ArtTempera Resist is a technique in which depth or darkness is added to an artwork by applying a water proof ink to the base artwork.  Using a tempera paint or opaque watercolor, the art is painted on a watercolor paper. The areas in which the artist wishes to have black are left unpainted.  Areas that are not completely painted will also be black after the ink is applied. 
After allowing the base artwork to dry an India ink is then applied to the artwork.  Once it has dried overnight the ink is then washed off the painting whereas only thedb_Smarty Jones at Belmont5areas that are unpainted are now black with the India ink.  The texture of the water color paper will affect the amount of ink that will remain.  In this description I have included images of both the original watercolor painting and the completed painting.  Please browse the galleries for results of this technique. 
More of this technique will be published on the demonstrations page


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